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Weapons Crimes


To legally carry or possess a weapon, such as a firearm, in the state of Massachusetts, a person must abide by a number of detailed laws. These laws include:

  • obtaining a firearm license
  • completing a state firearm training course
  • renewing their firearm identification card (FID) every four years
  • being of or above the age of 21
  • they must not have any prior felony convictions
  • must never conceal the firearm

If people do not adhere to these outlined laws, they are likely to be charged with a weapons offense. These offenses can result in jail time and/or result in that person losing their privilege to carry a weapon.

If you are charged with a weapons crime such as criminal possession of a weapon, it's important that you contact a skilled Boston criminal defense attorney in order to fight these charges to the best of your ability.

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