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Sex Crimes


Even being a accused of a sex crime can devastate a person's life. Conviction of sex crimes could lead to extended prison sentences or lifetime registration under Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry laws. Under these laws, a defendant's picture and personal information must be placed on a police sex-offender website. With modern day technology, this could mean that an offender's neighbors, acquaintances, family, friends, and coworkers would be made aware of the sex crime charges against them. A conviction of a sex crime will thus follow and torment a defendant for the rest of their life. If charged with a sex crime, it's important that you seek out experienced criminal defense counsel as soon as possible to avoid becoming a registered sex offender.


There are three common defenses to sex crime charges. If you hire a skilled criminal defense attorney in Boston, your lawyer should be able to pick the best defense for you given your circumstances. The defenses are to deny that any sexual assault occurred in the first place, to admit that sexual assault occurred but to deny that the defendant in question was the attacker, and lastly to argue that at the time of the alleged assault the sexual act was consensual.

No matter what the details of the sex crime charge against you are, you'll need an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that your name stays off the sex offender registry. If you're charged with a sex crime, call a Boston criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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